Saturday, September 18, 2010

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this picture was taken on the way out to
killaspugbrone church and cemetery, located close to sligo airport and one of my favourite places in sligo. not many people seem to go there, it is always lovely and quiet, and well worth a visit if you have never been!

an owl in the making

Thursday, September 16, 2010

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earlier this week i made a little owl brooch for a friend's birthday and took a few pictures of the process so thought i would share them here!

i usually draw up a small sketch of the design before i start cutting to get an idea of how it is going to turn out.

this one turned out to be kind of confused looking but cute and i thought, yeah, thats a good look for an owl!

i made the brooch in felt and used 6 different colours and 2 different thicknesses. the thick felt was used at the back (in dark brown) to make the brooch a bit more sturdy. the thinner felt was used for all the other parts as i find it easier to work with and gives a neater result.

the body of the owl was cut as a single piece and the other bodyparts (wings, face and eyes) were placed on top.

the felt pieces were then handstitched together. i stitched a few dots on the stomach and gave him a set of feet too.

a safety pin was secured at the back for fastening purposes and i added a few beads to finish off the eyes and beak!

and T A D A ! finished!

mushroom season

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it is mushroom season in sligo and while out hunting for some hydnum rufescens that the boyfriend had spotted earlier in the week, we stumbled upon these lovelies! (top right)

they are called cantharellus tubaeformis and are really delicious fried in butter with a bit of salt and pepper... mmm...

we found about a kilo and a half of them and have the freezer nicely stocked up for winter!

while on the subject of mushrooms, check out the mushroom mobile in the shop! just click on the picture and it will bring you there.

happy mushroom season everyone!

donkey derby

Friday, September 3, 2010

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the donkey derby - 22nd of august 2010 - mullaghmore, co sligo

myself and the boyfriend didnt even know it was on but happened to be in mullaghmore on the day, hoping to do some whale spotting

we quickly realised however, that there was alot more to be seen in and around mullaghmore harbour than out at sea!

donkeys, dogs and people everywhere - its was a bit mad and absolutely brilliant!

sweden part 3

Thursday, September 2, 2010

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while in sweden, i spent a few days in the middle of the country- in a really lovely
place called stöde. despite having family links there, it had been about 10 years since
my last visit and i wasnt quite sure what to expect. well, to make a long story short,
i fell in love. stöde is such a pretty place, so quiet and laid back. i already want to go back...