New stockist: with love from Rosses Point

Monday, November 28, 2011

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I have some exciting news to share!

Kittiwake Design is now being stocked in the fabulous new art gallery 'with love from Rosses Point' in Rosses Point, Co. Sligo!

Among other Kittiwake Design items, you can find the new 'cats with bow ties', the 'robber duckies', mobiles, bunting, lavender bags and lots of christmas hearts in the gallery.

Located right next to the Waterfront Restaurant, 'with love from Rosses Point' is run by the lovely Medbh Gillard and stocks work from local artists. It is a beautiful space filled with arts and crafts and definitely worth a visit if you are in the area!

Head over to their facebook page for more information and updates!

Easter Eggs Swedish Style

Friday, April 22, 2011

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In Sweden for Easter, we often dye or paint our eggs before eating them on Easter Sunday. I dont know where this comes from or why we do it, but it makes them look really pretty and as Im all for making things look pretty, I thought I would share the process!

You need:
*red onions/beetroots/white onions (or any other edible plant which works as a natural dye).
*old tights
*things for making different outlines with (such as pretty leaves, tape, rubberbands or anything else that will lay flat on the egg and will stay there while the egg is boiled).

The process:
Cut the tights into pieces which are big enough to contain the egg and for tying at each end.
Make the egg designs by laying the leaves (or whatever else you have chosen to use) flat on the egg. Put the egg and the leaves inside the cut up tights and tie up one side, making sure the leaves are still flat on the egg, then tie the other side aswell.
Boil the eggs in a pot filled with water and the skins of red or white onions or together with some beetroots. When you take them out, the eggs will be both really pretty and ready to eat!

I boiled the eggs below with red onion skins and used the following techniques:
Top left: tights only
Middle: young black currant leaves in tights
Top right: young black currant leaves and rubberbands in tights
Bottom left: lenses (yup, the edible kind) in tights
Bottom right: tape cut into triangles, no tights

Happy Easter!

crochet booties

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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I made a new pair of baby booties! I changed the pattern around a bit (as usual...!) but the original can be found in Crochet Today's special issue: Quick Easy Gifts (2009). More projects are on their way, it is really nice to be crocheting again!

My sister's birthday party!

Monday, April 18, 2011

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It was my sister's birthday party last weekend and myself and our other sister were in charge of decorating! Woohoop! We had so much fun hanging tissue paper pom poms, lights and paper bunting, arranging flowers and napkins and making everything look pretty for the evening. Those flower napkins are fantastic, aren't they? My sister made those, somehow I ended up polishing a hundred and something knives, forks and spoons instead... Lucky me huh...? Haha.. ;)

The theme was spring time and I think we managed to transform the dark basement room into a lovely spring inspired party venue! I think the guests were happy too; all the home made food was yum, the drink was plentiful and the party kept going until the wee hours!

Happy birthday sistaa, love ya!!

Dublin spring

Thursday, April 14, 2011

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Cherry blossoms are so lovely...