My sister's birthday party!

Monday, April 18, 2011

It was my sister's birthday party last weekend and myself and our other sister were in charge of decorating! Woohoop! We had so much fun hanging tissue paper pom poms, lights and paper bunting, arranging flowers and napkins and making everything look pretty for the evening. Those flower napkins are fantastic, aren't they? My sister made those, somehow I ended up polishing a hundred and something knives, forks and spoons instead... Lucky me huh...? Haha.. ;)

The theme was spring time and I think we managed to transform the dark basement room into a lovely spring inspired party venue! I think the guests were happy too; all the home made food was yum, the drink was plentiful and the party kept going until the wee hours!

Happy birthday sistaa, love ya!!

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Anna said...

Thank you thank you thank you to both my lovely sisters for making it the best party ever! I loved the decorations and I truly was a bit worried before how we'd manage to cover those pipes in the ceiling but you both turned the room into a spring meadow! Loved it!

Kram kram