Friday, July 31, 2009

Crafts, past and present

Boyle Arts Festival

had a great day out!
met some fabulously lovely people, got great
feedback on my products, and had the most interesting
conversations throughout the day - mostly concerning
flowers (in one form or another) but also Emile the cat's
ability to speak French, which some children
found utterly fascinating..! aww...
thanks so much to all my customers, it was
really great meeting you! special thanks
to Deirdre, you had it organised brilliantly!
and hello to my new friends Ina (artist) Roger (ceramics)
and Laura (wool-spinning, now, how cool is that?)

3 lovely comments:

aireefairee said...

wow sara. it looks like it was loads of fun. ur stuff looks great :)

Anna said...

Love the minibunting! So cute! I'm really happy people are getting to realize how great your creations are! So proud of you! Kram kram

Bionic Laura said...

Lovely to meet you and see all your lovely designs!

Laura, the spinning lady