crochet hand warmers

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

this pattern has turned out to be very popular in our crochet class! there are 3 pairs made already and i think there could be more coming soon! i love the simplicity of them, they are really quick to make and the pattern is very straightforward.

my gloves are skinnier than the originals as i only did a 1 chain where the pattern tells you to do a 2 chain, but they fit me better this way. i also made an extra row around the thumb area or else the hole would have ended up too small.

the choice of pink was purely coincidental as i happened to have a ball of it in my bag when i decided to start, but it turned out nicely i think! cant wait to wear them now at the christmas markets in november/december. watch this space!

please click here for a link to the pattern

2 lovely comments:

Our Homemade Home said...

They are lovely! I might try it if it is so easy:) Where is Your crochet class?

Kittiwake Design said...

oh they are really easy to make! :) crochet is on every tuesday night 7-9 in the northside community centre in forthill, sligo town. it would be lovely if you wanted to join! you can email for more info, she is the teacher :)