Friday, January 1, 2010

happi happi new year!

im just back in ireland after spending
a lovely and relaxing christmas in snowy sweden!
getting there was a bit of a nightmare (well, thats what
happens when you wish for a white christmas...
your flight gets cancelled due to the bad weather
conditions...sigh...) but once i had arrived,
about 11 hours later and considerably poorer,
i spent the holiday with the family -eating, watching tv,
reading magazines and then eating some more!
it was just what i needed after a tough
first half year in college..
just another half year to go, then ill be
back blogging and crafting fulltime again!

lately the crafting has been put on hold a bit,
but i made these crochet booties for the bfs first nephew
-a supercool little guy who totally melts
your heart with his smile!

i hope you will all have a fabulous new year
and thanks so much for reading and commenting
on my blog posts, it is so touching and encouraging...

lots of love,

5 lovely comments:

anna said...

Woooow! Love the little boots! Kram kram midl sis

daddy said...

What lovely crochet booties! Sooo sweet!

mochicloud said...

those are so cute! x3

Rocky Beag said...

Thanks Auntie Sara I love my booties because their lovely cozy,warm and of course the look fab on me...!! All the mummy's in the baby yoga class keeps admiring them and i think all the other babies are jealous...ha ha :-) can't wait to see you

Thinking Cramps said...

Oooh Sara, these are so cute. I finally checked out your page. You are so talented. The booties are adorable! I also like the pillows further down on the page. Your shop must be a delight to browse through!

- Anamika (ISB)