Thursday, June 24, 2010

im back!
{and so is miss lily}

wow.... its been half a year since my last
post... ouch...
never meant to be away from the crafting and
blogging world THAT long!
so what on earth have i been up to? hm... let me see...

there was the 3 week holiday to asia in january/february
(oh it was LOVELY! blog post will follow!),
the somewhat shorter but also brilliant visit to scotland
(hello dear sistaas and bfs of sistaas!),
a few nights of sleep lost to the compulsive reading
of the twilight series (if youve read them youll know
what im talking about - un-put-down-able!)
but most of all it was college taking over my life...

i went back to college in september last year for a
one year add on degree
and after alot
of hard work, blood, sweat, tears and cursing,
(lets just say mr. laptop was very close to getting thrown
out the window on numerous occasions!)
i finally finished last month!

so now i am back to crafting!
im absolutely delighted to be working with the lovely
miss lily o'sewing machine again, it has been way too long
and she was starting to look really upset that she was
hidden away in the corner gathering dust...

here is the first project of the year,
a bespoke order of 5 lavender hearts!

i hope you are all doing well and that the rest of this year
will bring us all loads of crafty inspiration
and a lot of new friends!


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