crochet blanket part two - i finished it!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

i finished the blanket! yay!
im delighted with it, its a bit wonky and definitely not perfect, but completely made with love (and some frustration)!


here is how i finished it off:
once i had sewn together the squares, i added about 2 rows of doubles around the whole thing.
then a single row of trebles and on the next row after that, i put 3 trebles in each of the trebles
on the previous row (this achieves the lovely ruffled effect of the border). then a last row of
doubles again to make it abit more rigid and tada!


now that im on a roll, the next project will definitely be a 100 square blanket! (cue boyfriend rolling his eyes..!)

1 lovely comments:

Monika @ Home said...

It looks great and the colours looks lovely together:) Great job!