Wednesday, July 14, 2010

{strandhill gymkhana}

it was a while ago it was on but here are
finally the pictures from the strandhill gymkhana!

i had made new lavender hearts, mobiles
and pin cushions and brought with me burt the cat too!

(he is looking kind of lonely these days so i am thinking
he might be joined by a few friends soon..

i had the pleasure of sharing a stand
with my friend natasha of aireefairee
(we both got a lovely mention in the
sligo weekender the week before the market
was on, which was such a nice surprise!)

i got to meet my good old butter-making friends from
last year too! hello violet and sean!

and i was loving the little hares and birds and that
lovely minty green glazing of sligo based Breerogue Pottery
(this stand was right in front of my stand and i was drooling
over them the whole day... as they say in japan;
they were super-kawaii!)

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