Thursday, July 15, 2010

{crochet blanket}

this project has been going on for quite some time...
the plan at the start was to make a large amount of
crochet squares which would be combined into a big blanket.

id say for a decent sized blanket you would need
about 100 squares and alot of patience...
i made 12. then i got bored. talk about perseverance!

anyhow. i thought i would share the last part of
my journey with 'the blanket that was never to be'
as this might actually trigger me to finish it!
the size is going to be considerably smaller than planned,
but nonetheless it is going to be a blanket and i think
that is a happy enough ending to this tale...

so this is what i did once i had all the end bits sewed in:

i had a frame laying about onto which i stretched
a piece of material and used this to block the squares on.
blocking is something i had never done before,
but my lovely crochet teacher told me to just wet the
squares, squeeze out excess water and pin them up to
dry using normal sewing pins.

as you can see in the picture above, some of the
squares werent exactly perfect looking, but once they
were wet i could shape them the size i needed them
to be and smooth out any funny corners too!

the pictures above show how i pinned down
the corners first (left) and then did the sides (right)

the dots on the fabric helped me shape all the squares the
same size. it didnt take long, it wasnt complicated and now
im just waiting for them to dry so i can crochet them together!

then i will add abit of a border around the
blanket to finish it off and
tada! it will be done!

(a post on how that goes will be up soon!

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